Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going, and an Invitation

coverphoto4First of all, let me begin by saying thank you for the kind messages and the encouragement to keep showing up.  Although this space has been quiet for more months than I would have preferred, your words have nudged me through a season of re-evaluating my place in the online community.

God continues to stir my heart for the weary mom.  It’s not because I pity her. It’s because I AM HER.  May I be brutally honest for a moment, and just say that this gig is HARD?  And may I also confess that the digital noise just wearies me more?  Generally speaking, there is no shortage of advice but there is a frightening lack of transparency. Facebook and Instagram allow us to put our best face forward.  Literally.  A quick peruse of Pinterest will provide you with a plethora of quick fixes (which I too have been guilty of serving up). I can’t help but wonder if in our attempts to “get it all together”, if perhaps we’re robbing each other of the beauty of true community, nurtured by a healthy dose of truth-telling.  There is nothing wrong with a magazine-ready house or a perfectly styled table, but if my heart is muddy mess, I’m offering my family (and you) a lesser gift.

Our family is entering a new season as we prepare to begin homeschooling in a matter of weeks and there are changes coming here, that I believe will serve you, the reader, and my family in a way that feels more authentic to me, as a Jesus-follower, wife, mother, and friend.  In the days ahead, look for changes in format and function.  I will not disrupt the content archived here, but all new content will be focused on encouraging and refreshing those of us who feel overwhelmed, and will be served up in a space, better suited for simplicity with a less-traditional format. If you subscribe by email, the move should be seamless, (barring an unforeseen problem with exporting my subscriber list) but your subscription will arrive under a new name, and from a different host. I’ll provide more details here, just before moving day.  If this does not suit your needs, feel free to un-subscribe at any time, of course.

In the meantime, I’d like to take some time to get to know you a  bit better and to introduce you to one another.  It has been my experience that one of the best ways to build community is by serving one another together, and I’ve been pondering how this disjointed little tribe might do both. I really have no idea where this might lead but I believe it’s worth the risk of muddling through together and seeing where we end up. I’m going to ask (and answer) a question, and open up the comments for you to answer the question yourself, AND / OR to offer encouragement to someone else who may be struggling. You do NOT need to have a solution for her situation to encourage her.  Let’s resist the urge to “fix” each other.  Offer suggestions humbly with heaps of grace. Better yet,  just tell her you’ll pray for her over the next week. Then put a sticky note by the kitchen sink to remind you, and do it!

Here we go…

Q. As a mother, or as the keeper of your home, is there one area where you continually feel defeated?