Creating a Family Routine + A Free Printable Weekly Planner

I’ve never been one to make grand resolutions in January, but on the edge of an uncharted year I’m praying for grace to

  • listen less to the second hand and more to the Spirit
  • abide more and worry less
  • purposefully mark our margins and milestones
  • trace the thread of His goodness through the fabric of the year
  • celebrate the seemingly small

I’m also taking a look at our routine (or lack thereof) and prayerfully seeking wisdom. I gave up on schedules LONG ago, but my children thrive on routine and having a flexible one in place is always helpful. This is a continual process of trial and error for me, but I’ve found a few helpful resources I thought I’d pass along.

How to Make a Family Routine that Works by Alissa at Creative with Kids. She shares so much practical wisdom here on the nitty-gritty not-so pretty realities of crafting a family routine. I’ve returned to it many times.

How to Create a Family Rhythm by Kelly at Imperfect Homemaking. This is a great read from a mom of SIX. She offers glimpses into her family’s daily rhythm as well.

Anchoring: An Organizational Tool by Renee at Simple HomeschoolThis is NOT just for homeschoolers… great practical advice. A must-read in my book.

And finally, if you can carve out a few hours for a personal planning retreat, you’ll find my favorite resource from Carolyn Mahaney, HERE. (See the link to the worksheets in the third paragraph.) I really encourage you to listen to the audio from her lesson, In Every Season (download the free mp3) before you begin.

And finally, here’s a free printable weekly planner.  I’m a pencil and paper kind of girl when it comes to planning but I’ve never found one that really worked well for me so I created this two-page weekly spread. I went light on the color so it won’t drink the printer dry. There’s space to record your daily meal plans as well as three separate columns on the right-hand page that you may customize to fit your needs. This is where I keep up with my to-do list. You might designate a column for errands, household tasks, phone calls / emails, prayer requests, homework assignments, etc. You can DOWNLOAD THE FREE PDF HERE.

Hope you enjoy!

Free Printable Weekly Planner


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