DIY Daily Routine Chart for Kids

diy daily routine chart for kids

My children thrive on routine.  I know this but I forget.  I’m hoping this colorful addition to our kitchen will help us map out our days with a little more intentionality.  This was simple to whip up. You can sketch your own images or use my free printable daily routine template. I found my images (dingbats) at (graphics here and here.) I love being able to rearrange the day as needed and I’m hoping it will make for smoother transitions from one activity to the next. You could also write quarter / half hours on your clothes pins if you’re trying to stick to a schedule.

1/18″ x 4″ x 24″ sheets of basswood (see unfinished wood section of your local craft store)
3 x 3 basswood squares
small wooden clothes pins
saw-tooth hooks for hanging
copy paper (if you’re printing a template first)
fine point black sharpie markers
hot glue gun + glue sticks
mod podge or other suitable glue
scrapbook paper of your choice
tracing paper (if you’re using a printed template
paint of your choice

Paint front of 3″ squares and allow to dry (if you want them painted)
If you’ve created a template with text and images, cut out each 3″ square from template, and using a 3″ square of tracing paper underneath, trace over each image & label to transfer it onto each 3″ wood square.
Go over each with sharpie marker to darken.
Cut scrapbook paper strips and glue along top edge of each 3″ square.
Paint tips of clothespins (I loved these…)
Hot glue the saw-tooth hooks onto back of 4 x 24 basswood sheets. Allow to harden well before hanging.

diy daily routine chart for kids 4


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DIY Daily Routine Chart with Free Printable Template


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