When the Vow Breaks…And It Will

Depths must laugh loud when we broken blurt bold at altars in black and white.
Pledge wholly holy in choreography and candlelight.

State it loud and true:
We don’t vow because we’re strong.
We vow because we aren’t.
Frail cleaving to fallen.

I’m bone of your bone.
We’re both brittle with blight
causethey bit before we were born.

There in the flicker of friends and fire:
When she stabs will you bleed mercy?
When he jabs, will you gush grace?
Turn cheeks, not tables?
Forgive fierce?
Honor in orbit?

Rings around our fingers,
We all fall down.
I didn’t know how much I loved me, until you.

But mouth of a tomb whispers secrets of having and holding:
It’s being had and held
by One holding all together.

In His hands, mercy whispers:
Seventy times seven.
Shine slates.
Shore up.
Rebuild ruins.
Wash in the Word and wild wonder.

When the vow breaks today, will we give grace and glory?
Shimmer and shine?
Mirror the mystery?
Light the world?

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