Easter Garden


MONDAY: The Widow’s Mite [Mark 12:41-44]: 1 cent piece

TUESDAY: Jesus anointed at Bethany [Mark 14:3-9]: We glued a tiny round bead to the top of a larger oblong one for our alabaster jar.

WEDNESDAY: The Plot to Kill Jesus [Matthew 26:1-5, 14-16]: We tied 30 tiny beads up into a piece of cloth to represent the 30 pieces of silver given to Judas.

THURSDAY: The Last Supper & the Garden [Mark 14:12-42]: We used a couple of unfinished wood knickknacks from the craft store that we already had on hand for a tray and a cup. We made and baked a tiny loaf of bread from salt dough and attached everything with hot glue. We also have a larger stone (not pictured) to represent the garden of Gethsemane.

FRIDAY: Jesus’ Arrest, Crucifixion, & Burial [Mark 14:43-15:47]: The cross is made from twigs and twine. The crown of thorns are pieces of wire bent with needle-nose pliers. The robe was a thin strip of cloth she colored with marker. We also have a peg doll wrapped in linen to place in the tomb on Friday evening.


SATURDAY: Read about sealing the tomb [Matthew 27:62-66]: We will not light any candles on Saturday, to represent this day or mourning and wondering.

EASTER SUNDAY: The Resurrection [Mark 16]: Our tomb was molded from salt dough. We formed the cave by molding the dough over a ball of aluminum foil. We baked the tomb (with the foil ball underneath for support) and the bread loaf (for the Last Supper) at 350 degrees until it was firm and dry. Just watch it carefully to prevent scorching. We have stone for sealing the tomb. We painted three peg dolls to represent the women at the tomb. We have another piece of linen to place in the open tomb on Sunday morning.