Knit for Africa

Faces flash – a multitude.
A sea of sorrow.
A symphony of suffering.

Small, he held some loaves and fishes.
Small, I hold some twine and time.
Both, in the hands of Jesus can nourish a multitude.

Softness swirls in rhythmic dance.
Faith leads. Fingers follow.
Eight inches of hope – squared.
Solace stretched and stitched from skein.
Joy unwound and woven tight.
Love looping around and through.

If Jesus could use two surrendered clumsy hands,
to bind up these beloved broken,
what wonder might He weave with a whole life?

If you have just 4 minutes online today – watch this !
And if He leads you to, start knitting!
What a kindness that He chooses to use us as His hands and feet.

Don’t know how to knit? No worries! It doesn’t get easier than this!

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