Embrace Community & Grow in Hospitality


R E C O M M E N D E D   R E A D I N G

How One Woman Created a Community Out of a Neighborhood :: Storyline

Sharing Your Imperfect Home is Caring :: Thriving Home

An Invitation to 12 Months of Mercy :: Hand Me Down Grace

Simple Hospitality Meals  / Practicing Hospitality With Kids / Reaching Out to the World From Your Doorstep :: Passionate Homemaking

Sometimes, I’m an Island / Confessions of a Hospitality Hater / On Frozen Turkey & Hospitality :: (in)Courage

There’s No Such Thing as Perfect Hospitality or Perfect People | Lisa-Jo Baker

Host a Soup Swap :: Hoosier Homemade


HOSPITALITY MEAL IDEAS  download PDF | I want to grow in the areas of hospitality and service this year. I’ll be using this worksheet to record meals that are ideal for delivering to others or feeding large groups. No more wandering through the grocery aisles trying to remember what I made last time.

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