Simplifying Household Chores & Organization

Free Printable Chore and Laundry Chart 890

R E C O M M E N D E D   R E S O U R C E S

WATCH: Work as Worship :: RightNow Ministries (2 minutes, 46 seconds) | This video was probably aimed at people working 9 to 5 jobs outside the home, but is SO relevant to the stay-at-home mom (who has NEVER clocked out at 5 pm).

F R E E   P R I N T A B L E S

R O U T I N E   T A S K S

1. DAILY TO-DO LIST download PDF | Write down the household tasks that are essential for keeping your home running smoothly. Post it where you can see at a glance.

2. ROOM CLEANING CHECKLIST download PDF | Fill out one for each room, laminate, and hang on the back of the door in each room.

3. CHORE ASSIGNMENT WORKSHEET download PDF |I didn’t realize just how much my kids were capable of doing until I worked through this process. Break each of your routine chores down into steps and you’ll be surprised how much even the smallest members of the family can contribute.

4. INDIVIDUAL CHORE CHARTS (5 COLORS) download PDF | This is the system we use to keep track of who is responsible for what on a daily basis. I printed mine on one side and my six year old’s on the other, slipped it in a plastic page protector and attached it to a clipboard. We carry it around with us while we work on chores together each afternoon and check off each completed task with a WET erase marker. I also tally the money she earns each day so I don’t have to add every single task up at the end of the week.

5. LAUNDRY ASSIGNMENT WORKSHEET download PDF | We just revamped our entire system for tackling the laundry, which was HUGE for me. This worksheet will help you break down each load and delegate individual steps age-appropriately.

150 teach kids to wash clothes


Color-code the washer & dryer + seven
more tips to simplify the weekly routine
& make it kid-friendly.

6. ERRAND LIST download PDF |This is a place to keep of tracks of errands for the week (library, post office, mall, hardware store, donation center, etc). You can laminate and fill in with a wet erase marker or print a new one each week.

D E C L U T T E R I N G    +    O R G A N I Z I N G

RECOMMENDED READING: Making Changes Gently :: Raising Homemakers

1. SIMPLIFY YOUR SPACE: ROOM EVALUATION WORKSHEET download PDF | This is my process for simplifying, room-by-room.

2. 25 THINGS: A DECLUTTERING WORKSHEET download PDF | Do you have an area of the house you’re avoiding because the clutter is just overwhelming (basement, attic, garage, etc. )? We’re tackling our basement using this method. If you deal with 25 items per week, eventually YOU WILL FINISH! It’s amazing how much faster you make decisions when you have a quota! You can even make a contest out of it.

3. DONATION TRACKER download PDF | Keep track of donated items for tax purposes.

4. CLOTHING BIN STORAGE LABELS FOR GIRLS download PDF | Smack these labels on the bins filled with your kids’ outgrown clothing and you won’t have to guess when you need something later.


6. DIAPER BAG CHECKLIST download PDF | Laminate and stick in your diaper bag so you have all the essentials when you’re on the go.

Free Printable Medication Chart 890

R E C O R D   K E E P I N G

1. WEEKLY FAMILY JOURNAL PAGE download PDF | One of my goals for this year is to do a better job of keeping a record of our life as a family. Yes, there are big moments scattered throughout the year, but it’s the little things that make many of our sweetest memories. I don’t want to forget them.

2. CLOTHING SIZE CHART download PDF | When I’m shopping solo, I can never remember clothing sizes for family members. No more! Just be sure to update often with kids.

3. ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND RECIPE CHART download PDF | Our family uses doTerra essential oils for prevention and treatment of many common ailments. This essential oil recipe chart gives me a place to jot down what works for what and how to mix it up again next time we need it.

4. MEDICATION DOSING INSTRUCTIONS download PDF | With two children four years apart, the dosing instructions on common childhood medications varies drastically. This is how we’ll keep track of who gets how much. Remember to update regularly with weight / age changes.

5. MEDICATION DOSING LOG download PDF | When my kids are sick and taking medication, I MUST write down what they’ve taken and when or I will forget. It also takes away the guesswork for Daddy and/or the babysitter.

6. MEDICINE CABINET INVENTORY download PDF | I don’t know about you, the medicine cabinet at our house frequently descends into chaos. We have bottles of expired medication next to extra bottles we bought because we mistakenly thought we were out. Hoping this inventory sheet will solve that problem.

7. APPLIANCE & ELECTRONICS INVENTORY download PDF | There’s nothing like sitting on hold with a manufacturer for 20 minutes, only to discover that you can’t answer the technician’s questions because you don’t have the necessary info about your appliance at your fingertips. Keep up with all your household appliances and electronics in one place.


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